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Buying a home is a major life milestone. At the Law Offices of Lawrence J. Signore in Providence, Rhode Island, we guide homebuyers through the real estate closing process with care and attention to detail. Our firm looks for any potential problems when performing title searches and reviewing the home inspection report, and we work to swiftly resolve issues that arise. Our mission is to protect your investment so that you can enjoy life in your new home. We also advise sellers during transactions.


In Rhode Island, the buyer, not the seller, has the right to select the closing attorney, though the seller will often have an attorney present, too.  We can represent the buyer or the seller in these transactions. When clients choose our firm, they can expect our dedicated assistance with their:

  • Transaction contracts — The provisions of a home sale are detailed in a contract signed by both the seller and buyer that outlines each party’s legal responsibilities and ways in which the transaction agreement can be invalidated. It is wise to have an attorney review the contract before you sign it.
  • Disclosures — Sellers must disclose any flaws or issues with the property so that the buyers have a full understanding of the condition of the home they are obtaining for the agreed upon price. We meticulously review these disclosure forms, looking out for anything troubling or even alarming.
  • Initial inspections — The initial inspection is a crucial part of the closing process, as it informs buyers and sellers alike of the true state of the property. An inspection report can help buyers determine if they will need to put extra money into repairing or maintaining the property.
  • Title searches — A title search reveals if there are any previous claims on the home title, such as liens for unpaid property taxes or home repair bills. A seller may not know about issues with their home title, so the title search is essential to giving buyers a clear understanding of what they’re getting into.

We are capable of addressing your concerns about the mortgage process as well. The many steps it takes to secure financing for your home purchase can be frustrating. If you need more time than the financing deadline that was agreed to in your contract, we can help you request an extension from the seller.


On the actual closing date, the buyer and seller come together to complete all final paperwork and to exchange payment and keys. Attorney Lawrence J. Signore will be by your side throughout the process. Our firm looks out for your interests during the final walkthrough inspection. Once the transaction is complete, we can file the necessary documentation to record the sale with the proper municipality. If any unexpected problems come up, we will pursue solutions aimed to protect your personal and financial interests.

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